dog in mountainsDenver homeowners love their pets and love the outdoors. Part of the reason we live in Colorado, is that we all love the mountains and being in them. We also love our dogs. As we live among the mountains, camping becomes our link to nature, our reason for enduring the commute and a respite from the world. Our dogs should also partake of the clean air that is only to be found at the foot of the Rockies. Rather than just load Fido up in your Subaru, let’s prepare, so that our camping trip with our best furry friend is enjoyable for all of us. With a few easy steps, we can have a great time in nature, and also share that experience with our dogs.

Emergency Kits for Humans and Dogs

Let’s face it, even the most accomplished camper can encounter injuries or accidents. This is true for pets, as well. Bring a first aid kit. This needs to include gauze, tweezers and hydrogen peroxide. You can find a first aid pet kit online or you can check out the many Denver pet department stores. Remember to have the phone number of your veterinarian, just in case. Learn first aid tips for pet owners here.

A Groomed Dog is a Happy Dog

It may be easy to forget, amidst the tents and sleeping bags, but a pet owner needs to remember the dog brush amid the charcoal briquettes and toilet paper. A dog’s fur can be easily matted or tangled in the tall grass or humidity you can encounter when you are camping. This is especially true if your best friend is long-haired. This is compounded by the stickers and other things that can be caught in her fur. If you brush your dog’s hair throughout your hiking/camping excursion, it will help her to keep her coif under control.

Portable Bowls

Last, but not least, pack collapsible food bowls for man’s best friend. Packing food and water is a no-brainer, but many campers forget about the bowls. You definitely want to choose a collapsible bowl, as camping relies heavily on economizing space, and can easily fit in a back pack. They are extremely easy to clean and are available in most pet stores, and even retailers. Keeping Fido hydrated will be crucial to a fulfilling camping excursion. Check out collapsible bowls and more at Denver’s upcoming Pet Expo.

dog campingOkay Champ, it’s Time to Head to the Mountains

Denver citizens are active, and we live at the foothills of the Rockies for a reason. As a homeowner in Denver, you deserve your weekends in the mountains. You also deserve to share them with your best friend. Planning ahead and taking some simple steps can make the difference between a wonderful experience for the whole family (fur babies included) and a disaster in the middle of the wilderness. Denver citizens are among the most intelligent and well-educated in the country. Surely, we can take a few precautionary steps to camp in the most beautiful mountains in the United Sates with our pets.

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