Located midway between Denver and Boulder, Arvada is a historic city that has kept pace with modern times.  First settled in the late 1800s due to the discovery of gold in the area, Arvada today features a redeveloped downtown area and a Center for the Performing Arts that blends the traditions of the Old West with new trends in art and music.  Shopping is available in the city's many retail centers as well as in the nearby Flatiron Mall.

Denver real estate offers diverse housing, and the Arvada area is no exception.  Single family homes are available in large numbers.  Some date from as long ago as the 1960s, but some are of more recent construction.  Although single family homes, some as large as mansions, form the bulk of the real estate market, there is also an abundance of lofts, apartments, and condominiums available in Arvada.

Country estates and farms also sometimes come up for sale, and developments such as West Woods Ranch feature new homes located ‘on the green’ and are ideal for golfers or those who would like a view of a well maintained golf course .

Those with children will be happy to know that the test scores in local public schools are above average.  In addition to Jefferson County Schools, there is also a private school, the Faith Christian Academy, which currently enrolls over a thousand students in grades K-12.

Arvada is located less than 30 minutes by car from Denver International Airport and currently has a population of slightly over 100,000 people.