earthAs Mother Nature does her part of painting trees, tulip leaves and backyard lawns into gorgeous shades of green colors this time of year, it also is a good time for homeowners to incorporate more earth-friendly features into their properties. Including more green features into your home is not only good for preserving Mother Nature, but it also can be good for growing the value and marketability of your home. Celebrate Earth Day this month by incorporating the following four green tips into the inside and outdoor characteristics of your home to create a more earth-friendly living environment.

Keep the Lights on with Solar Powered Energy

With 300+ days of sunshine per year, Colorado homes are excellent candidates for solar powered energy. Switching from carbon-based fuels to natural renewable energy sources like sunlight can lower your carbon footprint and energy bills, while adding value to your home when you decide to sell it. Tax credits are available for solar panel installations and several companies offer lease options to lower or eliminate the upfront costs associated with installing and maintaining solar panels on your home, making this green home feature good for the environment and your wallet. 

Out with the Old, In with the New

Remember when your mom used to yell at you about closing all of the doors and windows because you weren’t heating the outside? Well, she was onto something, and it wasn’t just making your life more difficult. With Colorado’s frigid winters and below freezing temperatures, old single panel windows can be the single biggest source of heat loss in your home. Replacing your old windows with double or triple paned windows filled with argon gases will not only keep the cold air out of your cozy home in the winter, but also help reduce hot temperatures from seeping into your home during the blazing summer months. Switching to more durable, energy-efficient windows will reduce your family’s energy use year-round, while increasing your household’s yearly savings on heating and cooling costs.

Plant a Tree for a Shady, Oxygen-Rich Backyard

Trees not only enhance a property’s outdoor character and comfort, but they also are excellent natural resources to shield the strong Colorado sun from your yard’s flowers, grasses and greenery. Planting trees also are good for the environment by adding more oxygen to the earth’s atmosphere, as well as providing a food and shelter source for your neighborhood’s birds and squirrels. Enhance your neighborhood’s ecosystem by planting a tree in honor of Earth Day this year.

Xeriscape to Eliminate Maintenance and Resource Needs

Using drought-tolerant plants, mulch and rock features in your landscaping, coupled with efficient irrigation methods, can create an outdoor environment that is less maintenance intensive and uses fewer natural resources to maintain. If you have a large yard with abundant grass that is hard to keep alive during the water scarce Denver summers, you may want to consider replacing a patch of grass with a stone patio area that will take less water and time to preserve, while adding opportunities to host summer barbeques and neighborhood gatherings in the comfort of your earth-friendly backyard.

When you are ready to turn your green energy-efficient home into green Benjamin Franklins this summer, give the real estate experts at New Era Realty a call. Our experienced team can help you sell your current earth-friendly Denver home for the best price and find a new environmentally conscious home that fits your specific lifestyle and budget. 

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