The Capitol Hill area is Denver's most densely populated neighborhood.  Bounded by Seventh Avenue, Downing Street, Broad way, and Colfax Avenue, this neighborhood is located in the eastern part of the city and is considered to be a separate neighborhood from the one referred to as "North Capitol Hill”, which is located on the other side of Colfax Avenue.

Denver homes for sale in this area often exhibit a style of architecture known as American Foursquare.  Historically, Capitol Hill was a place where the elite of Denver resided, but in the modern age, the neighborhood contains apartments, lofts, and condominium complexes as well as historic mansions.  Some of these mansions have been converted for use as office space, and the general commercial nature of the area means that parking spaces can be difficult to find.  Therefore, a key consideration in any home purchase in this area is to be sure in advance that the unit comes with sufficient dedicated parking spaces for your use.

Artists and bohemians lend the Capitol Hill area a rich and diverse culture, making it more cosmopolitan than many areas in the city.  Restaurants, clubs, bars, stores, concert venues, and art galleries are but a few of the cultural amenities lining the streets in this area.  Colfax Avenue in particular has a reputation for a lively round of concerts at night, with the two key venues being the Ogden and the Fillmore.  During the daytime, the area is characterized by politics as lobbyists congregate in bars and coffeehouses, wheeling and dealing with local politicians.