When you are interested in a traditional single-family home or your taste runs more to Denver condos, it is a good idea to arrange for a home inspection by a qualified professional.  There are several reputable home inspection firms in the Denver area.  Such firms can produce a detailed report to describe the condition of the home for sale and point out any problems or issues that need attention prior to the close of escrow.

A thorough home inspection will include all of the major systems in the house or loft.  Inspectors should test the plumbing system by flushing toilets, running the water in all sinks to verify that drains and faucets work, and should also crawl underneath the house to check for leaks.  Inspectors should also walk the exterior of the home and visually look for damage to trims or siding, including cracks.

Home inspections should verify that heating and cooling systems are in full functional order and must include a process for verifying that the electrical system is in good shape.  This involves turning on and off all the lights, testing GFCI circuits for integrity, and testing that all electrical outlets function.  Inspectors should walk around on the roof to note the age and composition of roofing material, as well as its general condition.

Home inspections usually do not include examinations related to mold or termite damage.  These are separate inspection processes, but both are also highly recommended.