According to a U.S. News report on Best High Schools in 2012, 88 Colorado Schools ranked with 18 gold medal schools, 22 silver medal schools and 48 bronze medal schools. Not bad. But in order to reap any of these benefits, you’ve got to get your kid enrolled first.

Increasing Capacity and Programs for the Little Ones

January vamps up for families to make a school selection and enroll their children for the next Denver Public School year. DPS is the fastest-growing big-city school district in the nation with enrollment having increased by 10,500 students over the past five years, especially for preschool and kindergarten programs.

In fact, DPS is still working on increasing its capacity for preschool. The full-day kindergarten program is very close to having enough capacity. Thanks to the Denver Preschool program and the November 2012 Mill Levy vote, DPS will increase placement for next year by a total of 500 seats with an expected similar increase the following year. Votes were nearly 2-to-1 in favor of investments.

The Mill Levy vote gives greater support and opportunities for DPS kids offering 1,000 new preschool slots for 4-year-olds from low-income households, adding tutoring and academic-enrichment programs for tens of thousands of kids, expanding arts, music and sports for schools across the city in updated, greener, safer, cooler school buildings. The vote has also allowed new schools to be constructed and major renovations to be made to every part of the city enabling relief from overcrowding.

Even with the new adjustments, parents should consider their neighborhood schools first. Your child is guaranteed a spot with some exceptions for Full-day kindergarten or preschool.


If you are considering applying to a school outside of your neighborhood check out SchoolChoice. SchoolChoice was created last year to help select and enroll students both district-run and charter schools. SchoolChoice is a system that helps parents and students learn about schools in the Denver area. Thanks to SchoolChoice, the DPS system is more transparent. Last year, 70 percent of families were able to enroll at their first choice schools, while 83 percent were able to choose one of the first three choices.

The deadline for submitting SchoolChoice forms is Jan. 31. For 1st through 12th graders continuing at the same school there’s no need to fill out a SchoolChoice form.

With programs that help homeless students and promote nutritional education, Colorado schools continue to rise as best in the nation. Talk to one of our experts at New Era Realty to find a home near your favorite school.

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