Fall TipsFall is one of best seasons in Colorado. The Aspens are beautiful, the crisp air is a refreshing change from the summer heat, and the anticipation of upcoming holidays and fun is invigorating. While we always look forward to this time of year it also brings some additional challenges when you’re trying to sell your home.  First, don’t stress out, there are several ways to enjoy the holidays and your home even while you’re selling it.

Decorating for the Holidays

If you are anything like us, you love decorating for the holidays. In three short months we get to go from gruesomely scary to pilgrims, and turkeys to brightly lit trees. What a great time of year to go all out and make your own holiday extravaganza. However, if you are trying to sell your home you need to be a little more conservative on the decorations.

Use fall colors, like orange, brown and other earth tones to accentuate the holidays. Perhaps put up a few of your Halloween favorites, but take the gel filled eyeballs to the office. The same goes for Thanksgiving and Christmas. While putting up a few of the kids crafts is ok, too many can look cluttered and draw the potential buyer’s eyes away from the selling points. This may cramp your style just a bit, but always remember less is more when staging your home. You want the people to see themselves in the home. For great staging tips check this out.

Water, Mud and Gunk

One of the other issues of selling your home in the fall is the abundance of moisture inherent with living in Colorado. Rain, mud, and the Denver surprise snowstorm are part of our way of life and even though we are used to it, having people track it into your home can be frustrating. Extra entry way rugs and mats are your best friends. Give people ample opportunities to wipe their feet and clean off their shoes. In some cases it can be ok to ask people to remove their shoes, but it’s always better if they don’t have to. It may make them feel uncomfortable.  Have a towel near the door for quick clean ups and perhaps even buy a box of shoe covers.

If you have pets, kids, or a combination of both, the fall fun outdoors brings extra challenges. Create a safe place for them to clean up outside the home or in the garage. It is always better to endure a cold wind than scrub muddy footprints out of the living room carpet. Preparation is always the best measure. Talk to the family about what needs to be done to keep the house clean and how to keep Fido from running in covered in the outdoors. If you do find yourself in the middle of a carpet emergency, this post, “Tips For Your Mudders Carpet” will give you some good advice.

As Always Have Fun

We know it can be challenging at times to keep the house exactly the way you want it when you’re selling your home, but remember, at the same time you probably visiting homes yourself. This is always and exciting time in anyone’s life. Have fun, enjoy the moment, and don’t get hung up on the small stuff. If you ever have questions, or want a professional point of view, give us a call, we love helping people.

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