Kids and leaves in DenverAs we stare out the window and watch the changing colors it is easy to reminisce of days gone by when leaves meant hours of fun filled flips, amazing dives, and awesome afternoons. While we can still enjoy these fun activities, the falling leaves also mean raking and the final chores of the season. If you love being out and working on the lawn and gardens then this is a great time of year. If you don’t, here is some good news. The work you put in now can make getting your lawn in shape easier come spring.

Rake that Lawn

Raking is rarely the number one most liked chore on anyone’s list, but it will help you to keep your lawn in top shape. There was an article in USA Today a few years ago that encouraged us not to rake our leaves, but in most cases it is still advised in order to help you get the lawn in top shape before the snow starts falling. It is wise to use some leaves in gardens, flower beds, and planters as compost and to retain moisture, or to even build a compost pile to help your soil next year. The best thing you can do is to put your leaves in biodegradable paper bags and look for places that will take them to use for compost. Of course, this is after you have finished jumping into them.

Keep Mowing and Watering

Keep watering and mowing your lawn as long as you can. This will keep it healthier longer and allow it to grow back quicker in the spring. On the last mowing of the season lower your mower blades so the sun can reach the grass and keep it greener longer. Be careful not to mow it too short. Here are a few more lawn tips from the experts.

Fertilize and Fix Bald Spots

Fall is also a great time to fertilize and fix bald spots. While the visible grass quits growing during the winter, the roots are still very active. A healthy dose of fertilizer before winter can give your lawn the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and recover more quickly in the spring. Many local dealers also have fantastic organic solutions that are specifically designed for the Denver climate. This is better for your lawn and your family.

If you have bald spots now is also the time to get a head start. Your garden center will have grass mixtures that are specifically designed to be used before winter. Once again, look for organic and environmentally safe alternatives. Not only will are they better for your lawn they tend to be more durable in the long run.

Enjoy the Season

As Denver natives we love autumn in Colorado. The color, the crisp feel in the air, and the anticipation for winter reminds us why we love this area so much. Take the time to enjoy the outdoors while doing your chores. Remember not only can it be a fun family project, if you’re thinking of selling your home next spring, the work you do now will certainly pay off. So get out there, rake some leaves and have some fun. Feel free to send us your photos of the biggest piles, most spectacular dives, and your little ones enjoying every minute.

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