Denver, Colorado has two neighborhoods named after parks that honor a beloved president: Lincoln Park and Jefferson Park.  Denver homes in Jefferson Park offer residents an urban lifestyle with a short commute in to the city to work.  The recent history of Jefferson Park includes successful efforts on the part of residents to stop a proposed development that would have destroyed the park after which the neighborhood is named, in favor of building an amphitheater instead.  The development would also have razed a large number of 19th century homes.

In 2000, residents banded together to form Jefferson Park United Neighbors because the former neighborhood association had failed to act against the development.  JPUN fought the company proposing the development, talking to the mayor of Denver as well as representatives on the Denver City Council.  Eventually, JPUN prevailed and the development was halted.

This success encouraged residents in the Jefferson Park area to turn their attention to other ways in which they could improve their neighborhood.  In the past 12 years, Jefferson Park residents have formed partnerships with the city and other entities such as the INVESCO Field at Mile High.  With funds garnered from these efforts, the neighborhood has seen many improvements in infrastructure such as paving alleyways, planting trees, repairing crumbled curbs, and generally beautifying the area.

Thanks to these efforts, Jefferson Park is currently considered one of the fastest-moving real estate markets in Denver despite the relative poverty of some of its inhabitants.