Dryer sheetMany consider themselves to be dryer sheet, or fabric softener sheet, specialists. We may not admit it openly or give it much thought, but we all have our favorite brands, smells, and softness level. Some of us may be quick to rebuke the claims of extra softness and static free living, that is until we run out and find that every doorknob shocks us and our t-shirt just doesn’t feel right. We love blogging about many things, but even the most astute may have missed just how versatile these little modern miracles are.

From the Dryer to the Kitchen

Chrome sink, stainless steel, and flour all bow to the mighty dryer sheet. Used sheets make chrome and stainless steel shine and because of their anti-static properties that can help keep the dust from sticking to vertical services. Did you spill a little flour? These little wonders can work better than most paper towels. All of us battle the stinky garbage can. Simply line the bottom of the container with used dryer sheets and then every time you do laundry throw them away in the kitchen instead of the wash room.

For the Thrifters among Us

There is nothing cooler than finding a beautiful antique desk, quilt, or book at the local thrift store or a garage sale. Unfortunately, these sometimes come with a history of smells as well. Since most quilts don’t machine wash well, fold them up with dryer sheets to give them a clean fresh scent. Stuff antique drawers with new or used sheets after you wipe them down. Place a musty book in a gallon sealable plastic bag with a dryer sheet and the musty smell will disappear.

Battle your little Furry Friends Humanely

Here’s a secret. Mice, spiders and insects are not huge fans of fabric softeners. Repel bugs by sticking a few where the insects and bugs like to hide. You can also attach one to the end of a broom to easily remove a spider web up in the corner. We love the outdoors in Denver, but not when it comes indoors! Stuff the entryways and holes that fall prey to mice with dryer sheets. Mice don’t like the smell or the taste, so generally they move on rather than gnaw through.

Our Favorite Use

Perhaps you have a home full of completely hygienic and smell free teenagers. If this is you, skip this paragraph. While we love our children, we must admit, it is simply amazing that an odoriferous manufacturing plant doesn’t exist inside their shoes. It is without a doubt one of the great scientific mysteries. However, if you stuff the used sheets into their shoes every time you do laundry you would be surprised at the overall impact and peace it brings your home. If you have any leftover, try sticking some in their gym bags, backpacks, and even hide them in their room. Not only effective, but it becomes a bit of a game after a while.

Have Great Ideas, Please Share

If you have any great ideas to reuse common household products or make living easier let us know. We would love to hear from you and build a repository of information for future home-owners. Who knows, the people you help most, may be your own children. In case you’re interested here are a few more uses for dryer sheets and other items. Enjoy your day and save those dryer sheets.


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