Halloween is here and inflatable decorations are ballooning in the neighborhood yards. Pumpkins, witches, and huge spiders are ensuring Denver is ready for the holiday. However, there are some spiders that aren’t so welcome in our homes. Ok, for most of us, no spiders are welcome inside unless they are plastic, and even then it takes some negotiation.

One of the most alluring aspects of living in Denver is the natural surroundings, open spaces, and the beauty of all the creatures that live here, but when spiders start heading indoors for the winter even the most avid conservationist can become fearful and territorial. Spiders are good insects and although we don’t want to find one crawling on the kitchen table, we can naturally keep them outside.

Vinegar Is Your Friend

If you scan our blog posts you’ll find more than a few that promotes the many uses of vinegar on spills, stains, and odor removal. Once again, vinegar is at the top of the list to make your Denver home more habitable. The ingredients are simple and you may already have them in your home. Simple gather white distilled vinegar, pure vanilla extract, and find a small spray bottle. The ratio is about 3 parts vinegar to vanilla. Both the vinegar and vanilla repel the spiders, but the vanilla also diffuses some of the strong vinegar smell which does dissipate quicker than you think. Spray around windows, doors, corners, and any other place spiders might enter. You can also use a paper towel with 100% vinegar to wipe corners under shelves and cupboards to keep those little fellows out.

Or Try Peppermint

If vinegar isn’t your thing try pure peppermint extract. You should use a small glass spray bottle for this. Fill most of the way up with filtered water and start adding drops of the peppermint extract. The smell is what drives the spiders away, so the more you add the better. You also want to add one drop of dish soap to help the oil disperse in the water. Once again, spray this where ever you see spiders or at typical entry points. Watch this video for another peppermint recipe and more tips:


"Yikes! What about that Guy?"

Unless you’re an arachnologist, (spider scientist) you won’t know which spiders are dangerous or helpful. For the most part, Colorado doesn’t have too many harmful spiders. If you confront one in the middle of the night, the best thing to do is cover it with a glass or plastic cup, that way you know it’s in there, and slide a heavy piece of paper under the cup trapping the poor little guy. Then go outside and let it go. This could be the very spider that is eating the insects that are harming your plants or tomatoes, so you want to give him the love he deserves.

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