color swatchesThe clocks have moved forward by an hour, you get to start enjoying one more hour of Rocky Mountain daylight in the evenings and your sights are set on sunny spring break destinations. But before the last of the Colorado March snow melts away and you jet set to your favorite spring break beach at the end of the month, it’s time to spring forward with planning your home remodeling and improvement projects.

If the recent snowstorms are leaving you feeling unmotivated and unable to focus on marching forward with your home’s spring projects, take a look at the recent results from the Remodeling 2013 Cost vs. Value Report (, which will help shed some light on which home improvement projects can provide the best return on your investment. The top five remodeling projects from the report for the Denver area that can give you more bang for your buck include:

  • Deck Addition (72-81% Cost Recouped)
  • Window Replacement (76-77% Cost Recouped)
  • Garage Door Replacement (74.8% Cost Recouped)
  • Basement Remodel (74.3% Cost Recouped)
  • Minor Kitchen Remodel (74.1% Cost Recouped)

To help you get a spring in your step toward moving forward with updating your home and growing its value, check out the following five initial steps for starting a home improvement project this spring.

Step One: Get Inspired at the Denver Home Show

Expert and celebrity home project motivation and inspiration will take over Denver as the Home Show comes to town on March 15-17 at the National Western Complex. From strolling through Garden of Excellence displays for outdoor project inspiration to visiting one-on-one with expert interior designers in the industry and meeting celebrity guests from the DIY Network, you will experience many unique first-hand encounters during the show that will prepare and stimulate you to tackle your spring home improvement project list this year.

Step Two: Gather Various Price Quotes

Before starting any home improvement project, it’s always important to go through the process of getting three or four price quotes (labor and materials) for the job. If you don’t know of any appropriate contractors for the project, ask friends/families for referrals, search online contractor directories that typically review contractors before adding them to their lists, and follow up with any exhibitors that you enjoyed meeting at the Denver Home Show.

Step Three: Research Project Details

Whether you are planning on doing a home project on your own or hiring a contractor to do some or all of the work, it’s important to understand the details associated with the project and the various components/steps for completion. Search online, read home improvement magazines and talk with friends/family members who have gone through remodeling projects like yours to glean as much information (positive and negative) as possible from their experiences. Being a knowledgeable consumer will allow you to communicate more effectively with contractors, get better deals on materials and ultimately finish your projects with all of your desired features and functionality.

Step Four: Schedule the Home Improvement Project Appropriately

Depending on the size of your remodeling project and how much of your living space it will affect, you will want to schedule the completion of your projects around your family’s work/school schedules. If you’re planning on tacking the projects on your own, then scheduling the project during spring break may be a good idea if you’re planning on staying home anyway. If you opt for hiring contractors to do the work and the space affects a lot of your family’s main living area, then it may be easier to move your household to a friend’s or family’s home during the project, especially if the friend or family member is away for spring break and needs someone to watch their home while they are away.

Step Five: Enjoy Sprucing Up Your Home

Taking the first steps to starting your spring home improvement projects can be daunting at first, but if you just take it one step at a time, you will be well on your way toward springing forward to enjoying a newly updated home. All of the hard work will pay off this summer as you enjoy hosting barbecues on your newly remodeled deck or next winter as you stay nicely warm and toasty with new wind- and weather-proof windows. Regardless of the home projects on your list this spring, the improvements you make today can also pay off when you are ready to sell your home down the road.

For more guidelines and information on what home improvements are most important to home buyers in the Denver metro area, contact the real estate experts at New Era Realty today.  

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