FlagWith 20,000 troops returning from Afghanistan in 2013, many service members will be getting out of the military or entering the reserves. For military families it will be a twofold return. For the troops it means a return to their bases in the United States. As they begin to process out, they will be returning to their home of address or the place they call home. For these families getting back to a normal life begins with buying a home.

Home is Where the VA Helps you Hang your Hat

The VA Loan is one of the best programs for our returning heroes, it’s one of the best mortgages available and truly one of the most amazing benefits extended to veterans. Since World War II, the VA Loan program has helped more than 18 million veterans buy homes. For returning, battle hardened troops, having a home means beginning a life as a civilian. It’s not an easy transition. Many of our troops left their homes at 18-years-old. Now they are returning and they are 22 or 23-years-old. Most of them have never experienced a life as adults outside of the military.

Returning to the civilian world can be a daunting and scary move for them and their young families. While the stress levels are high in the military life, in or out of the war zone, the military provides them with many indemnities that are not given in the civilian world, such as health insurance, job security and a tight nit community where everybody is experiencing the same lifestyle. Constantly on the move, saving money and building credit can be difficult.

Where a VA Loan really begins to help these returning heroes is by allowing them to secure a loan with a zero down payment at 100 percent of a home’s value. With flexible income and credit requirements, a VA Loan allows veterans the possibility of homeownership. As they adjust to a new life in a foreign land that once was where they called home, having the possibility to acquire a loan without a down payment is a great jump ahead, especially since they won’t be charged the costly and unnecessary private mortgage insurance (PMI) made to be paid if you don’t put 20 percent down. Along with great low rates and flexible qualifications, for a veteran returning home to rebuild their family relationships, these benefits add up in getting them back on track.

A Hero’s Welcome

It may seem strange to imagine the U.S. as a foreign land to veterans, but it’s overwhelming and even their old haunts become long far-away memories after their experience in becoming G.Is and then being shipped to lands many of us will never see. Not to mention the challenging task they’ve had to face day-in and day-out for several years in combat.

Even though it’s exciting, buying your first house can be scary. But with the VA Loan program exclusive to military with no prepayment penalty, no monthly mortgage insurance and help from VA loan specialists, the transition to the civilian world becomes a little less scary. And welcoming a hero into your community is the best way to repay our troops. New Era Reality thanks all of our troops and their families for the sacrifices you’ve made for us. Contact us to help you with your VA Loan. We’ll find you and your family the home and community ready to welcome you back. WELCOME HOME.

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